Wake Up Sleepy!

Psst.... PSSSSST! Hey, wake up you! Shake off the sleep, brush the dust off the equipment and grab the bug dope because the band is back on stage and the annual dance continues.

These fellers on the left have been quietly making their way back upstream over on the other side of the Nemadji if you care to go look for them. Things haven't been quite so predictable with the rain coming in fits and starts the last part of July, but the rain on the 2nd....

Either way it's just the first wave of the conductor's baton; the next movement will be coho's along with the odd chinook, pinks, coasters and then steelhead. Whatever your game, it's an exciting time of year, even if you're trying not to melt in the heat and not thinking about fishing. But hey, that's why we're here- To give you a little poke now and then!

As for other news- The Fall Sucker River clean-up date has not been set, but we kicked around the idea of a combined Pink Salmon/Clean-up weekend. If you might be up for that just drop us a line. You don't have to commit now just a quick, "Yeah, that might be cool" or "Sorry Charlie" E-Mail would help us to gauge interest.

One item to consider: The pinks start just about the time that bird hunting and bow-hunting get going. You may already have plans, but there is a fair amount of public land up in the sawtooth and last year saw high grouse numbers taken. We'll be on the downswing of the cycle likely, but it still should be good. Pinks in the a.m. and grilled grouse for supper sounds good to me. Might even run into a sprucie or two. (Hey with this nutty "Hair Hackle" craze, I'll take all the feathers I can get!)


08.07.11 Note: I just went back and reviewed the ruffed grouse numbers. Drumming counts were actually UP this spring and DNR states that the peak "Will likely continue". So I was incorrect but hey, just means even more available grouse and possibly a strong odd-year pink run to boot. I wish I was wrong like that more often!


Minnesota said…
The hair hackle thing is driving me nuts. There are several dries I've been wanting to tie and I can't get the materials. A buddy of mine sold a beautiful grizzly saddle patch on ebay for almost $2000!
Minnesota said…
Here's one of the quiet guys I caught trying to make it upstream.


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