DNR seeks comments on Grand Marais area lake and stream management plans

(Released November 15, 2010)

 Citizens interested in learning about or commenting on Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) strategies for managing Grand Marais area lakes and streams have until Dec. 31, to ask questions or submit comments.

“Management plans describe the past, present and desired future conditions of the waters,” said Steve Persons, Grand Marais Area Fisheries supervisor. “The plans identify specific management activities planned for that lake or stream in the next five to 20 years.”

Every year DNR fisheries staff prepares or revises individual lake and stream management plans for several waters in each management area.

The Rivers that have special interest to us here at Minnesota Steelheader are the two rivers that are habitable to migratory and young Steelhead.  The rivers are:

  • Flute Reed River - managed for steelhead, plan will focus on acquisition, habitat protection and restoration, and monitoring.
  • Onion River - managed for brook trout and steelhead, plan will emphasize habitat protection and monitoring.
We sent an email to Steve Persons and received a prompt reply with the most current plans for each of these rivers.  We will make these available on our website in the near future. Mr Persons informed us that it may be some time yet before we have new draft plans prepared for the Flute Reed and Onion Rivers.

He also stated that the ability to accomplish much in stream improvement is limited due to the limited funding available these days. The revised plans for either river do not expect to be vary ambitious though Steve did add: "the Flute reed river is lucky to have a very active watershed group".  The group apparently received a large grant to implement a water quality improvement project across the watershed.

Minnesota Steelheader will keep a close eye on the new plans and will make them available for those who wish to view them.  We also look forward to any opportunities to work with the MN DNR in any way we can.  we will keep you posted as developments happen.



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