North Shore News & Notes

The News as of 03.26.2010
Reports are starting to come in and here's what we have:

Lower North Shore tribs are open for the most part although there's still shelf ice here and there. Most of the snow is gone, including in the uplands which is unusual for this time of year. This should lead to a significantly quicker warmup unless temps/sunshine tanks or we get another shot of snow.

Stream temps have been fluctuating widely on a daily basis. High temps have broken 40degrees on some of the tribs, but those highs have dropped again over the last two days. Average temps were about 35 but they dropped as well. Low a.m. temps are still in the 31-33 range.

Bait has been working better (no surprize) in the cold water but flies have been producing on those days when afternoon temps have approached 40. Yarn is doing what yarn does, producing across a wide range of temps.

A mix of steelhead and loopers are being taken out of most lower shore tribs from Lester to Silver with a few rumblings regarding the "South Duluth" creeks. Nothing to speak of as far as numbers go yet though. Additionally coho are being taken off the mouths still by shorecasters; no reports of them wandering into the tribs. I have seen them in the outflows in the past so you never know.

Hopefully I'll hear from some folks later today; unfortunately I've been and will be all wrapped up at work for a while yet.
Regards and good fishing-


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