Fishing with MN Twins #14

Thanks for all the kind emails regarding our presence on Kent Hrbek outdoors this week, we appreciate all who have contributed.
For those who are not aware, our Steelhead filming last spring with KHO finally made it to the airwaves. Last summer we had a few false alarms, thinking one of the KHM episodes was the show. thankfully it was not as we just got a short couple minute spot.

The show that is airing this weeks is a full show on North shore steelheading, featuring You will see our founder, DB and field staffer, Andy. Pictured here is a shot from some pre-filming scouting. Can anyone guess the river?

You can still check out the show, in fact, it is on tonight on the FSNorth network at 7PM. Check your local listings as it may air a bit earlier or later due to prior sporting events. You can also click here for more listing times.

Tight lines real soon.


Anonymous said…
It looked like the Split Rock, am I right?
You hit it out of the park...

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