Additional Flow & Temperature Resources for North Shore Steelheaders

Here is a great additional resource for keeping tabs on North Shore steelheading conditions:


Not only can you get an indication for what is happening with regards to flow, but you can also get critical temperature & precipitation data.

Simply click on the Real-Time Data & Water Chemistry links to load the current year's data. You can select from any of the parameters displayed & even change the temperature data back & forth from Celsius to Farenheight with a color display in the background. This is a wonderful tool for getting flow, temperature & precipitation data for tribs near or on steelheading hotspots.

Currently only the Tischer Creek data-collection sonde is back in the water, but the other sondes will be coming on-line soon.

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04.03.2008 Update-
There is a DNR/MPCA cooperative stream monitoring program that just became available:

Arrowhead Brule Gage
Click on the link to obtain discharge information for this tributary. What is really helpful is that you can use this link to obtain a picture of what's occuring with regards to flow on the upper-shore. You'll now be able to infer flow on tribs like Kadunce, Devil Track & a few others using this link. Keep in mind however that you won't be able to view current conditions until after the ice goes out which should be sometime in the next two weeks.


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