Hello all...

I realize it is only the middle of July, but now is a perfect time to start thinking about planning a couple scouting trips for fall. In little more than a month and a half, fall runs for various species will begin; and while your chances of getting into steelhead won't begin to increase until September starts to wind down, you'll find plenty to keep you busy.

One of the benefits to Fall fishing is that with the lower water levels, you can begin to identify locations that will be holding fish in the high waters of Spring, even when they are not visible later under fast, deep & discolored flows. This often pays dividends when you're wondering where to go.

Other benefits are obvious: Learning the layouts of new streams while having fun targeting other species and the enjoyment of just getting out and fishing the North Shore after a long hiatus is an enjoyable way to spend a day or two.

Plus, you just never know what you might hook into: Pink, Chinook & Coho Salmon along with Loopers and Steelhead are always a possibility. Add elusive Browns on the Lower Shore and the Holy Grail -Big Coaster Brook Trout- (in my opinion) on Upper Shore tribs, and you have all the elements of a truly enjoyable trip out scouting.

Pay attention to those locations where you find fish because the Fall Species are there for the same reasons Steelhead will be there in the Spring, starting the next generation.

Now, I am NOT advocating fishing redds for these species, far from it. What you are looking for is holding water adjacent to these areas. Find those and you are well on your way to becoming more successful during the next Spring Run.



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