Steelie Strikes - Make your own strike indicators

Steelie Stikes:

Now you can make your own. We have uploaded our detailed instructions, including photos, on our website .

Our Steelie Strikes are the originals made from 2mm foam, a bit of thread and a rubber O-ring. Pretty simple stuff here.

We created the Steelie Strikes after several years of using various strike indicators. The foam version evolved a couple years ago after frustrations of using yarn indicators. Don't get us wrong, the yarn indicators worked ok, we just got sick of adding floatant to the yarn to keep it floating high.

What we really like about the foam is the the ability to adjust on the water. If the situation requires a smaller indicator, just a simple trim does the job. The fact that the foam will never absorb water is a big plus too.

Check us out and tie one on......


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