North Shore Stream Reports

Reports of Pink Salmon and a few coasters came in from some of our angling community this weekend. With the low water, most of the North Shore fishing action was in the larger mid & upper shore rivers. The Pink Salmon numbers are not breathtaking but fish are there. Dozens were spotted on the way up to the cascade.

Along with the pinks were a few nice Coaster Brook Trout. Our buddy Jesse sent us this nice shot of a coaster from his 9/16 weekend outing. Hey Jesse, what did you catch her on?

We have not heard of any kings yet and don’t expect much excitement until some rain comes.

Please feel free to add your thoughts and reports.

Tight lines to all and see you in a river………


Finman said…
Anybody been up to the shore this past weekend (Sept. 23rd)? Have the rivers received any rain?

Jesse said…
The brookies loved conehead buggers, stripped around cover in slower water.

Thanks for stressing catch and release on the trout. These coasters are a true treasure and it would be wonderful if they made a comeback. Last weekend, I saw a legitmate 20" + coaster caught on spawn in the Cascade plunge pool. Unfortunately the fish will most likely not live to less than stellar C&R techniques.
MNSteelheader said…
What Great News Jesse. 20+...... they are coming back! That is a true trophy. Hopefully people are paying attention to the Brook Trout Regs. on the North Shore. All of the major rivers have signs posted specifically reminding anglers of the Brook Trout Season.

For those of you just tuning in:
Lake Superior and all the Minnesota tributaries below the posted boundaries from the St Louis to the Canadian Border have an open season From April 15 to Sept 5th. Minimum size is 20" with only one in possession. With that said, we recommend putting them all back... yes, it is ok to put back the 20+" fish. Bring your camera and a rodrule to measure and put those brookies (coasters) back to spawn another day. It is extremely important to release this big fish. The genes of these fish are key to the proliferation of the North Shore Brook Trout Fishery.

If you do manage to land one of these beauties during the fall Salmon season, take a quick picture and release her immediately. Take good measurements of your trophy and give the guys at Artistic Anglers a call. They can produce a graphite reproduction that will out last you!

Tight lines to all--------------------<><

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