MNST Fall Streamside Clinic set

It's that time of year again where our excitement for fall North Shore fishing transitions into calendar dates!

 Since 2011 we have been providing a unique fall streamside fishing clinic to interested anglers.  It is held at a river location (to be determined) along the North Shore that will give provide the best opportunity for teaching and hopefully catching some trout and/or salmon.  This is the first in a series of 3 different niche clinics currently on our annual calendar.

The fall streamside salmon clinic, as it is called, was developed to offer beginner and intermediate anglers a learning environment that is comfortable, non-judgmental, and hands-on.  The fall season is perfect for this!  With river levels fairly predicable and stable, moderate to low water flow, our teaching is much easier.  We are able to demonstrate safe wading tips, teach anglers how to read water more effectively, easily identify trout and salmon holding water, and fish more water than the often unpredictable spring turbid conditions.

Our clinic is limited to 12 anglers this year, though past years it has varied.  We break the clinic into a "classroom" setting and a streamside setting.  Classroom is used loosely, weather permitting we meet outside around a table or two full of flies, gear, and avarity of rods. After some quick introductions, we dive right into the nuts and bolts of the North Shore fishery with topics such as: what is a pink salmon?, migration patterns of Lake Superior Trout and salmon, sepcies spawning seasons, area geology as it ties to habitat, equipment, rigging, flies/lures, angling techniques,
and a North Shore fisheries overview, with a few more tidbits.

Over the years we have had nearly 100 anglers participate in our fall clinic.  Some anglers had a bit of experience on the Shore, but needed some further direction and clarity.  Most participants were new to the sport with more and more women participants each year.  We hope they are all still out there enjoying our North Shore Each year.

Why do we do it? We are driven by our passion for this wonderful fishery, and a desire to share the most beautiful fishery in the state!  We are staffed by an all volunteer crew.  The clinic is free, though we encourage donations to help us keep the clinic growing and to cover the basic operating cost.  All donations support Minnesota Steelheader's mission - no salaries here.

Minnesota Steelheader is committed to informing, inspiring, and educating anglers on the water and in our communities.  Our clinics are one way we do this.  IN the end, our goal is to introduce new anglers to this wonderful resource, retain or reactivate those that may have drifted due to lack of direction or resources.

This clinic fills up fast.  Due to the high demand, we ask that you only sign up if you are 100% sure you can attend.  Cancellations,last minute are hard to fill.  IF you do sign up and need to cancel, let us know as soon as you can so we can offer the opportunity

to another excited angler.

Click here to learn more about the September streamside clinic and how to register.  Tight lines.


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