April Showers, We Need 'Em!

    As of April 11th, 2015, Stream conditions are making life difficult for both man and beast, er... steelhead. Lower Shore rivers are running low, clear and cold; there is still a fair amount of shelf ice along the sides of the streams.

    The clear skies today will go a long way towards getting water temps up, but we think tomorrow's badly needed rain, especially if air temps remain high, might just do the most to jump-start things on the lower shore vis-a-vis rising flow, stream temps and willing fish.

    We've been running the numbers since March 15th and have only recently begun flirting with the run initiation temps observed in North Shore Steelhead and Kamloops. Problem is that one-day's worth doesn't seem to do it, we have to remain above that threshold but when we do, magic... By the way, the significant drop in the Lower Shore index stream flow is the result of some healthy ice-dams breaking up and releasing all that pent-up water, not necessarily high flows themselves.

    To be sure, there are early fish around, it's just really tough sledding right now unless you are fishing the river-mouths and outflows. Mid and Upper Shore are still trying to thaw out...



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