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Greetings from Minnesota Steelheader!

Just a couple quick notes we thought worth posting. Lower Shore Stream temperature info has been scarce. This is due to some packages not having been placed yet along with various gauge outages however, the daily data which is available is finally showing an upward trend.

Brown-up is certainly helping this, and warmer temps are driving increases in flow as the remaining snow-pack melts. We are seeing a decent flush of melt-water runoff as snow remaining in the upper portions of the Lower Shore watersheds melts and hits the systems. Recall that the North Shore is heavily runoff dependent for flow, with the Lower more-so than the Upper due to more lakes and swamps feeding the Upper systems. The remaining melt runoff will be retarding the rate of temperature increase as it hits the systems at near-freezing temps, so base flows will remain cold for a little while longer.

As I said though, the general trend is finally upward. Note the strong heartbeat signature here in the temperature data resulting from the daily sun-cycle, and upward warming trend as the stream temp chart below illustrates:

We had to switch Lower Shore index stations yet again this year, but we were finally able to put together some numbers. March 27th showed us our first significant temperature movement, so we are watching things very closely now.
If you are wondering why we are so intently focused on stream temperatures at this time, surf over to our 2016 Creel Project Results. Skip down and read through the Lower Shore section regarding stream temps.

We'll be working on Mid and Upper Shore numbers shortly. If you do happen to get out fishing, please send us any catch reports you can. You can find further information about the MS Creel Project as well as submit reports on our Creel Project Page

Please also consider becoming an SGP Volunteer Angler if you are not one already. For more details, check out the Steelhead Genetics Project Page 

Regards and have a great 2017 season!-
Minnesota Steelheader


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