04.07.17 Update

Greetings! Quick update for April 7th. We are getting very close to the Lower Shore attaining what Minnesota Steelheader calls the run initiation temperature.

If you look at the chart below, you'll see our 2017 Lower Shore index stream is just about there. Keep in mind however that this is a very small stream, so while we are close, it warms far more quickly that larger streams like the Knife, so it will hit the threshold something like 7-10 days sooner.

Even so, the Knife trap was recently opened and DNR Fisheries captured some 50+ adult steelhead already up-bound on their annual spring spawning run.

French river has previously seined in the neighborhood of 400 Kamloops and 30 steelhead, and while many of those Kamloops spent a good chunk of winter in the French River, it's all very encouraging.

Couple quick graphics regarding Mid and Upper Shore. Mid Shore is moving but it has a ways to go yet. Still in what we call our pre-run phase where an average of 10% of our total annual creel returns to the rivers.

Upper Shore is also on the move but also has a ways to go yet. As with Mid Shore, there are fish around, and they are being caught, you just have to use more cold water techniques and presentations.

One final reminder, please send us any creel reports you can. Even if you caught the fish two weeks ago, we can still work with the data. You can report your catch here on the Minnesota Steelheader Creel Project Page
Regards and have a fantastic steelhead season!


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