March 30th Updates

Quick update for now. Brownup is accelerating, you can see the "wrap-effect" on snowline as it spins up and around the western arm of Superior. Some of this is due to the effect Superior water temps have on local conditions. There is also one hell of a sediment plume spinning out into the Lake from mostly the Nemadji.

What does it mean? Streams will begin warming far more rapidly now with browner ground and less cold snowmelt hitting the streams provided we get some sun...

We have been receiving steady creel reports so thank YOU to all who have submitted. We only have temp numbers through the 28th, but so far, trending upwards.

We did have to make one adjustment. We decided to use a different index stream for Lower Shore temps. This stream presents a much more realistic picture of stream conditions across the Lower Shore, and should be a better indicator of where things are at.

As you can see, people are catching fish. Don't get too excited though, numbers appear high, but we are really looking at a trend in this graphic. We'll try and post some actual numbers shortly, suffice to say for now the cold conditions are pretty much driving the bus with respect to numbers; lets hope for some sun or a good warm rain.

For other information on conditions and numbers, please visit this great resource:  2016 North Shore Fishing Report


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