Steelhead Decals

Well, we finally have our new Steelhead window decals in. We have two sizes in stock that display a really nice black and white steelhead image on a silver metalic adhesive-back vinyl material. We also have a decal to display our website.

We are currently offering one free decal to any Lake superior Steelhead picture used on our website. Here are the rules:
1.) Must be caught in Minnesota.
2.) Must include anglers name and area caugth ( you don't have to be specific)
3.) Include a mailing address to ship decal.
4.) Offer good for pictures that are posted only.
5.) Send photo by email as a .jpg file (max 1.8mg) to:

You will also be able to find our decals along with a few other goodies at our Steelie E-Store on our website. We hope to have the E-store up and running by mid March. Stop by and check us out.

Tight Lines to all-----------<><


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